"There are piano players, and then there are piano carriers."






I’m inspired by designers who have transformed a typical stage piano into an extension of the body of the artist that is playing it. An object that heightens the entire performance in ways the music alone cannot.

Since I'm not a musician, and didn’t have anyone to design for other than the piano itself, I decided to create a balance between the old and the new.  I took a dusty yard-sale item from the back of someone's garage and spun it into some eye candy.

Eventually, the time came for me to remove the piano from being on display inside a gallery, so I wanted to stick it somewhere public.  Steps away from the dining hall, Wayland Arch seemed like the perfect spot.  After two of the wheels ripped off from rolling over multiple potholes, my friends and I managed to get the piano up on a couple bricks to stage some anonymous public art in the middle of the night.  The opportunity was there for far more people to play it, being placed outside like they do in large cities.  Unfortunately, the piano vanished the next morning around 8 AM, thanks to Facilities Management.  I tracked down the actual dumpster it was thrown in, to find it completely unrecognizable.

It won’t be my last piano.