The field has become a second home to me after years of playing sports. There are two specific fields that I know exactly every square inch of like the back of my hand.  The first is located in Walpole, Massachusetts, and the second in Providence, Rhode Island.

Stepping onto the field for a game is second nature. Walking into my living room, and sinking into my usual spot on the couch is second nature. FIELD HOUSE creates an atmosphere where these two seemingly unrelated acts are merged.

FIELD HOUSE is a fusion between watching live sporting events in the comfort of your own home, yet feeling as if you are physically present inside the stadium.   Your living room becomes the arena, and you become the star of the show.  In addition, FIELD HOUSE is a visual commentary on how every aspect of sports is branded, how every square inch is another opportunity to advertise.  Any high-pressure competition—game 7 of playoffs, the Olympics, or the Super Bowl—is by far the most realistic display of raw human emotion in real time, simultaneously overlaid or disrupted by advertisements.  Both elements are impossible to ignore, and continue to shape the way we consume sports in American culture.

As you sit in your living room, visualize the field sprouting up all around you.  The carpet slowly turns green. A vividly unnatural, yet strikingly beautiful green.  Lines and logos gradually appear under your feet.  As the room gets darker, the lights glow brighter.  The couch rises up off the ground, like a stage. Muffled crowd noises grow louder and louder. Notice your breath getting heavier, and your heart starting to race.

Here lies a wide open space that screams opportunity.  Let this experience get you absolutely fired up.  Let the field welcome you with open arms, even though it may only be a figment of your imagination, even though you may only be watching it through a television screen.  Often, that’s the better view.


Take the field, wherever you go.


Curated mixtape, playing on loop for stadium-like ambience during the week-long installation of Field House

RUN TIME -  52:19



Ash Lite is a key element within the FIELD HOUSE installation because beer, beer advertisements, and sports form a fantastic little trio in American culture. This beverage was inspired by trendy brands of spiked seltzer, which had become extremely popular within the timeframe of the installation.



If you're going to sit down on your couch and watch sports, you need the right vessel to hold your buffalo chicken dip, spinach artichoke dip, casseroles, or even tortilla chips. The living room in FIELD HOUSE would not be complete without this particular item. 

You’ll be able to find one of these widely recognizable wares somewhere in the kitchen; maybe at your grandmother's house.  Without a doubt, this will be on the coffee table during the Super Bowl. Most likely you've never actually seen someone buying one of these. They show up every now and then in the house as if they live there. 

Of course, they’ve been around a lot longer than you.